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Barcamp North East

May 26th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Barcamps

I’m back from the depths of the North of England, Newcastle, where I was visiting for their very first barcamp, Barcamp North East. To sum it up in a line I guess I could say that it was one of the friendliest, most open, and most interesting and barcamps I have ever been to. Whilst there were only around 35 attendees (I think there were expecting close to twice that), it actually worked in their favour, it certainly worked in mine. 

Because of it’s size, it  really was possible to get to know every one, and by the end of the two days I really felt like I had made real connections with more people that I have done at previous barcamps, including strengthening existing friendships. 

It was hosted in The Art Works Galleries, an amazing gallery space with some beautiful art work on display, unfortunately, this was not an idea space for a barcamp because of the lack of separate spaces made it difficult to hold simultaneous sessions, and it started to get pretty cold as the games of Warewolf ate into the night.

I can’t comment about the cold through the entire night, as Tara missrogue Hunt (t) offered to put me up in her hotel room at the Malmaison! And that was where the crazy started. We were ever so slightly inebriated from an evening of festivities, including some wonderful cocktails, and it seemed only natural to continue in this state! I called reception and asked them to deliver an ice bucket, two portions of strawberry Hagen Dazs  and two chilled Champagne glasses while Tara fought with a TV Remote under a sudden desperation to watch Beauty and The Geek (which is the cause of Tara’s mysterious tweet (link to follow when Twitter recovers) from Saturday night. Several hours later, with the bottle of Champagne and Ice Cream containers empty we passed out as the sun rose over The Tyne.

Arriving a mere few hours late on Sunday morning I quickly caught up on the events that were missed, including Jure Cuhalev’s (t) idea for a website about usable conferences (link to follow when it’s launched at Barcamp London 4). I then presented two talks, one a lightening one which was sprung on me by Piers Cawley (t), which was about the tales I like to tell, why I set up this website, and then I told people about what happened when I trusted a guy called Turtle.. and the other about my gesture recognition work for my undergraduate thesis.  

We wrapped up Barcamp North East with a trip to Bell and Herbs where the food portions are enormous and taste pretty damn good too! 

I travelled back to London with Mark Ng (t) and Tom Morris (t) who was squished in the back of Mark’s convertible, not the most comfortable of trips for him, but I’m glad he choose to ride with us as we had some great conversations.

To all of you who I didn’t have a chance to mention in this post you were all amazing too!

Finally I must thank Garath (t) and the rest of the crew for organising this event, please do another one!

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  • 1 Dan W // May 27, 2008 at 1:33 am

    Sounds like an awesome BarCamp, wish I’d come. The 20-30 person barcamps are certainly way more fun.

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