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First Geekdom Anniversary

October 16th, 2008 · No Comments · Musings

This weekend I shall be returning to Berlin for the first time since my eventful, some might say life changing trip there last year, so I thought it might be interesting to surmise some aspects of my life since Web 2.0 Expo Berlin 2008.

I guess the biggest change is that I have actually become involved in the London geek community. This is quite possibly the most shocking of all. I had already been a student here for over 2 years when I visited Berlin, and a geeky one at that, and yet I had *never* heard of barcamp, of geeky shindigs (like pubstandards or geek dinners). I guess it never occurred to me to google the phrase “London Geek.” Much of this was probably my comfort in having my circle of friends as a student, and not wanting, or needed, to expand my horizons.

How foolish was I!!!

Becoming involved was probably one of the most awesome things to have happened to me in a long time. New avenues of friendship have been opened up, and a whole new level of clarity over where my future lies has materialized.

For me in late 2007 my serendipitous meeting of Mel, Cristiano and Patricia was novel and quirky. Little did I expect, nor even hope, to meet such wonderful people at an event so outside of my scope of experience. These days I feel let down if any event, however small, fails to introduce me to ever more interesting and wonderful people.

Have I become blase, expecting what should be seen as happy extra when it happens? Probably, but only because it continues to happen all the time. Rest assured, however, that I will continue to make my presence on the geek scene wherever, and whenever I can.


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