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The Winnie Rescue

July 21st, 2009 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Our Whuffaoke or Bust road trip is becoming more and more like an epic Top Gear adventure every day, and we are only on day 6 of 17. Whilst not everything that could have gone wrong has, we’ve had our fair share of drama and adventure.

The great thing about our proclivities thus far are that not only are fantastic for the TV Cameras (or streams), they are not the kind of drama we actually don’t want (crashes, dismemberment, explosions, etc.)

After a successful run from Los Angeles to Las Vegas during the night we thought we could tackle the journey to Salt Lake City in a similar way. Everything was fine until we snuck through the corner of Arizona which the I-15 takes you through. Whilst the surroundings of the narrow canyons, stunning peaks, and winding river bed are breathtaking, driving through it at sunrise proved to much for Winnie and she gave out half way through. After a short wait and an attempt to dump all of her water and waster to save weight we managed to start her again and carry on with our way. It was decided that once she was started to give her as much gas as possible, all the time. No coasting. This worked great until we stopped for petrol.

Emma goes all Clarkson

We were then finally unable to restart the her at this petrol station somewhere in the middle Utah. On a sunday. We waited 10 minutes, then 20, then 30 and still, nothing. All of the local mechanics were closed and so whilst some of us tried to work out how we could get towed to Salt Lake City where we has a mechanic waiting, others, including myself, decided to see if we could set up some real car cameras, Top Gear style which we could live stream and hope that a mechanic would go to our stream and help us diagnose / fix remotely.

If I might say so myself, the rig whilst simple, was awesome. I taped our camera and a directional microphone to the underside of the open bonnet with Gaffer / Duck tape. Simple, but incredibly effective, apart from the fact that no mechanics on twitter came to our rescue! Because we were worried about fuel levels, the further effect of heat on the engine and, err, the environment, we plugged our RV into a wall socket in the side of the gas station for power.

We were eventually rescued by a tow truck that took us the 160 miles to Salt Lake City with us sat on the drivers bed behind the cab in temperatures exceeding 40 Celsius because, apparently, his air conditioning was broken. Great. We did make it, though not without people passing out and suffering from fairly extreme heat stroke and dehydration. It wasn’t until we were taken for dinner at The Counter that we realized how badly this had affected us. Nonetheless we were determined to make Salt Lake City a success… keep your eyes peeled for a wrap up!

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  • 1 Dick Carlson // Jul 21, 2009 at 6:23 pm

    OMG — did Ridley survive that heat? Our pugs start to fade fast at anything over about 80 degrees. (One trick is to dunk them in a tank of water, or just upend a gallon jug of water over them while ruffling the fur. Creates some evaporation cooling.)

    We also learned that if we made a little “super-hero” cape out of a very wet washcloth and put it on the pug’s back (secure with mitten clips around pug tummy) that also helps.

    Old motorhomes never die, they just wait at the side of the road for tow trucks. We had a 33′ long 1984 Sportscoach that had more miles in “tow” than in “self-propelled” mode.

  • 2 Marla // Jul 21, 2009 at 6:58 pm

    Glad you guys are okay but certainly not a glowing recommendation for the “winnie” I would hope some RV company wanting some excellent exposure would come to your rescue and donate a working vehicle!

    Much love to all!

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