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Salt Lake City and The Final Breakdown

July 23rd, 2009 · No Comments · Disaster, Travel, whuffaoke

Arrival in Salt Lake City

Having been dropped off in Salt Lake City we managed to start Winnie’s engine and make our way to the various places we needed to visit like BetaLoft and the KOA RV Park. Everything was running fine, and we felt reassured that it was a heat issue that was causing the engine to seize up, and whilst Salt Lake was hot, it was nothing like the blistering heat of the Nevada Desert. We all showered and cleaned for the show which was wonderful having been stuck in the desert and then in the tow truck for about 6 hours in total, and we headed back into downtown to get the party started.

The Final Countdown Breakdown

The ride was fine, not a murmur from the engine, we pulled up a few blocks from the venue and met up with our ambassadors who were going to guide us to the final location. We pulled off and within a few seconds the engine started to sound a little funky. We tried to give her enough gas to make it the last 2 blocks, but alas she stopped in the middle of the street.

Photo by libel_vox, from flickr

Photo by libel_vox, from flickr

We quickly mobilized and with me in the driving seat the other crew and a bunch of locals started pushing Winne through the streets of Salt Lake City to the amusement of puzzled onlookers. After stopping at the first lights and then pushing our way through on green we had to negotiate a bend in our route to take us to the sidewalk where our performance space was. A local cop was on hand to make sure we weren’t too rowdy and for ‘heath and safety’, but nonetheless we managed to plug in set up and start the party.

Biblical Sandstorm

Dry Karaoke is interesting, we did have anergy drinks, but it’s not quite the same. We did, however, rock the park and whacked out some awesome tunes. Apart from a busted Winnie we thought we were home free, and that nothing else could go belly up. How wrong we were. After about an hour of Karaoke the winds really started to pick up. Wind, I hear you say, surely a little wind never hurt anybody. Well, no, unless that wind is part of a Biblical Sandstorm (what an appropriate location) which insisted on whipping every exposed part of my body with thousands of tiny sharp sand particles.

We were forced to pack up and head for the wonderful BetaLoft space a few blocks away where we were rewarded with beer, sushi and rockband. The space is beautiful, and apart from being accused of breaking in by the landlord (he recinded his accusationw when he came to take a look at us) after accidentally setting of the alarm the night went smoothly.

We were all shattered but Tara and Tony managed to get Winnie to the mechanics where we were booked into the following day at crazy o’clock. We followed suit in Drew’s car and were soon snuggled up in bed dreaming of a day when we could go places without fear of being stranded in the swealtering desert.


After a morning of work and planning at BetaLoft, and our first vaguely serious bust up (emotions running high with winnie being fixed as we spoke) we were rewarded with a call from the mechanics to tell us that Winnie was fixed and ready for pick up. What was wrong? The fuel pump which, unsurprisingly pumps fuel from the tank to the engine was operating sub-optimally. And when I say sub-optimally I mean not at all. It was bust. Were were surviving on fuel making its way into the engine of it’s own accord! New pump fitted we set out for our next stop in Omaha (Denver was cancelled because of the repair) with a lay over in Cheyenne. Before we would get there we would stop for dinner in Laramie, Wyoming, an apparent Twilight zone… more on that later ;)


The Broken Fuel Pump

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